Tribulus - 4 oz


Tribulus - 4 oz

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Botanical name: (Tribulus Terrestris)

Also known as: Caltrop, puncture vine

Tribulus has been used in the traditional medicine of India and China for centuries. It is known as a diuretic and an aphrodisiac, and is employed to help with infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Tribulus produces these effects because it stimulates androgen receptors in the brain and it is said to raise testosterone levels. In the recent past, athletes have taken advantage of its hormonal effects and claim that it increases muscle endurance and all around sports performance.

Tribulus seems to work by increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone. This hormone sends a signal through the body to start producing testosterone which is why it has become popular herbal remedy to increase libido and as an herb to improve fertility naturally.

There have been many studies in recent years aimed to validate the health benefits of Tribulus. There seems that at least some of the health benefits of Tribulus could be valid but better and bigger studies are needed in the future.

The popularity of Tribulus as an herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction might be because of its ability to relax smooth muscles and by this allowing greater blood flow to the genitals.

Because of its claim to increase testosterone levels naturally, it has become popular herb for body building and as a remedy to gain weight for men.

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