Blue Poppy Seeds - 16 oz


Blue Poppy Seeds - 16 oz

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Blue Poppy Seeds

Botanical name: (Papavar somniferum)

Also Known As: Himalayan poppy

Poppy seed has been cultivated for over 3,000 years. The tiny poppy seed actually comes from the plant that produces opium. The botanical name for the poppy flower means 'sleep bearing?. Blue poppy seeds have been used to enhance flavors of baked dishes for 400 years in central Europe, Iran and China.

The plant's species name, somniferum, means 'sleep inducing' and it is this narcotic effect that has provided so much incentive to its cultivation. The oriental variety yields much opium, and it is grown expressly for this lucrative purpose. The Western plants yield little opium and the latex that provides the drug is absent by the time the flower ripens.

Poppy seeds of culinary use have none of the alkaloids that comprise the narcotic. Opium was known medically to the ancient Egyptians and the classical civilizations. The seeds are very small in size, slate blue in color and are nut—like in flavor. Known for their nutty flavor, our blue poppy seeds also add a tinge of beautiful color to salads, baked desserts, bread or even as a decorative accent on ice cream!

Poppy Seed is used topically on breads and rolls, and added to vegetables and salad dressings. Turkish cuisine uses toasted Poppy Seeds, while Indian and Turkish spice blends rely on crushed Poppy Seeds for flavor and texture. The added bonus is that it adds rich iso—flavinoids to your food.

Western poppy syrup is an anodyne and expectorant. Eastern poppy is an anodyne and narcotic. Cough mixtures and syrups are also made from this variety, which is further used as a poultice with chamomile. An infusion of seeds is said to help ear and tooth ache.

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